Packaging Plus started as two family businesses and joined in 2012. From here we have grown exponentially and have large plans to expand to other regions. We have built the business based on Culture, have a full online learning platform which encompasses our processes and systems. We have spent the past 5 years refining our blueprint for success. We work with our clients to increase sales and profitability while having fun and helping others. We do this by supplying Packaging to the QSR, Food and Hospitality Industry. How do we do it? Haha, thats the secret sauce. Ask us for more details.


If you are looking to an exciting investment opportunity or you are in the food packaging industry and you want to take your business to the next level, lets have a talk. Visit our investment page for more details.


If you are a food packaging manufacturer anywhere in the world and you have a product you think we would be interested in, feel free to submit it to our procurement panel for consideration. Please make sure you include all relevant details, certifications etc...

Product Categories We are interested in

QSR Packaging

Any new and exciting products in the QSR industry are always of interest to our selection team

Environmentally Sustainable Packaging

This is a very fast growing niche and we receive alot of submissions. Please ensure that when submitting product is has the necessary certifications

Trending Products

Any trending products that are related to the food industry are of interest to us. When submitting for this category, please sell us on why it is trending!

Exclusive Rights

We make no effort to hide the fact this category means a lot to us. When submitting a product, explain why you are offering us this opportunity and what your expectations are for the product/range

If you want to partner with us as a manufacturer or an investor we would love to hear from you.